Saturday, January 19, 2019

Governor Doug Burgum Endorses Extramarital Affair Peter Welte for Judge

In politics people say the most absolutely stupid things. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has been made aware of Peter Welte's resignation as Grand Forks County State's Attorney due to his office sexual affair with Nancy Yon and the child they have together. John Hoeven has known about this since 2009 and also endorsed Welte.

Peter Welte applied for an appointment as District Judge and one day before he was going to be denied, Welte withdrew his application, resigned as Grand Forks County State's Attorney, and went to Vogel Law Firm. Since Vogel learned of Welte's scandal they have found a way to again shuffle Welte off to elsewhere, as a Federal Judge, a position Welte is unfit to serve in.

Welte had to leave the State's Attorney's Office due to his troubled relationship with lover Nancy Yon, since he impregnated Yon and they have a child together. Allowing their son to be raised under the impression Robyn Yon is his father is a form a child abuse Welte engages in. Welte also ran a secret "panic button" program along with law enforcement in Grand Forks, ND, where they pass around the driver's license photo of people they do not like and distribute a device for people to push a button when they see that person off the photo. A call goes directly to law enforcement with that individual's name attached. This is an illegal form of stalking and Peter Welte was a part of this for years. This information was obtained as court exhibits in a failed hearing staged by his lover, Nancy Yon.

How stupid is Doug Burgum to say the things he said about Peter Welte when he knows what Welte truly is, and knowing Welte is absolutely unfit to serve as a Judge of any kind, anywhere. The photo below, which Burgum is aware of and was aware of before his endorsement of Welte, is a photo of Peter Welte's son Yon gave birth to. Also shown is Peter Welte, Robyn Yon, and his wife, Nancy Yon.

Obviously as Welte admitted in a July 2009 meeting desiring to keep this quiet, this is Welte's son and he did have a lengthy affair with Nancy Yon while he was State's Attorney and she was an Assistant State's Attorney. They showed up at State's Attorney convention meetings, both with wet hair at the same time, as though they had both just showered. Welte had lunch with Yon nearly every day and this was well known throughout the Grand Forks County Courthouse. Staff in Welte's office started complaining and informing people outside the office, and when this was uncovered, Welte called a secret meeting where he expressed his desire to keep this matter quiet and not to make it public.

Burgum endorsed Welte for Federal Judge all while being fully aware of this situation and knowing Welte's character was to have sex with another man's wife until impregnation and beyond.

Burgum statement on nomination of Peter Welte for U.S. District Court judge for North Dakota

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Vogel Law Firm Threatens and Defames Altru - Grand Forks, ND

Vogel Law Firm sent a threatening and defamatory email to an Attorney falsely claiming the Altru author was a "criminal" who was "clinically insane". This was sent from in an attempt to cover for an extramarital affair Peter Welte had with Nancy Yon. They are both married, but not to each other. Yon's husband, Robyn Yon, still isn't aware Welte is the child's Father.

This is what Vogel Law Firm wrote to an Attorney simply because the law firm knew this Attorney had a personal relationship with the Altru author:

Hi *******:

Please see the below.  I believe Doug is possibly in trouble.  I don’t have an expectation that you get involved, but based upon past experience I know if you CAN help Doug you’d possibly want to help Doug, so I’m sending this email to you in that light.  I don’t know if Doug is still your client or not.  But the below sort of tripe makes him look clinically insane.  If his cause is solving Katie’s death, it does NOT help his cause.

I’m writing this on my own behalf.  I can’t speak for Nancy Yon or David Jones or the State’s Attorney’s Office.  I am guessing they will just go straight to the authorities with this.

All of the below information—100% of it—is patently false.  I do have the resources for a defamation suit and/or a restraining order, but I’d prefer not to go that way.  I’d prefer he just wipe me off his web site.  As both his former attorney (21 years ago) and as someone who used to advocate for Doug to law enforcement, I don’t want to be adverse to him.  But I will be if I need to be.  I don’t have to tolerate this garbage anymore.

What I DON’T think Doug realizes is that what he is doing is also criminal.  And he is admitting to crimes by sending the below communications, in addition to publishing it on his web site.  It is patently (1) harassment, (2) criminal defamation, and (3) stalking.  I’ve attached the statutes.  I’m not a public figure anymore, so he has no constitutionally protected right to push the harassment or stalking envelope.

Another twist is this.  Doug says he has communications that prove up his allegations, such as emails.   I believe no such legitimate emails exist.  But—and this is where I don’t think Doug has thought this through—if they existed they are also subject to the NDCC 12.1-15-02 and 12.1-15-05 interception of correspondence/eavesdropping statutes (also attached).  I don’t think he realizes that he is ADMITTING to criminal activity with this threat.

I’d prefer not to go to the authorities, or to institute civil proceedings, is because I truly feel badly for Doug.  And I like Doug.  And another “moral obligation” reason is because I am one of the only people left in past/present/future law enforcement who believes Doug when he says something was fishy with Katie’s death.  I have always believed that, even if Doug doesn’t believe I believe it.  And I still hold out hope that maybe someday there will be a break in the case of Katie’s death.  But if Doug ends up being charged with harassment/stalking and ends up looking like he has no credibility, then Katie’s death will never be truly examined again.

Regardless, the worst thing to do with a stalker is give them attention.  I believe Doug’s actions have elevated to stalking.  So I won’t contact him directly.  If he can’t be reached through you, I’ll just report this to Steve Gilpin and the B.C.I. and wash my hands of it.  The chips can fall where they may.

If you can, please intervene with Doug.  If not, I truly do understand.  And regardless, I do appreciate you taking the time to read this email and the attached statutes.

Be well, *******.  Again, thank you.


This was written from a Vogel Law Office using a Vogel Email Account,, so it was not done on Welte's own behalf, it was done by Vogel Law Firm. The Attorney General and State's Attorney have been notified of Welte's threats and defamatory comments. Both the State's Attorney and Attorney General, as well as former Governor, John Hoeven, are fully aware of Welte's affair with Yon and the child they have together, which is why neither ever received a Judicial Appointment by the Governor.

Vogel took it upon themselves to predetermine Doug West to be a clinically insane criminal who is going to need a Lawyer soon.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Vogel Attorney, Peter Welte, Makes Threats, False Allegations, and Defamatory Comments

Vogel Attorney and former State's Attorney, sent out an email today making a variety of false statements and defamatory comments about the Official Altru Website author. Welte also made threats to use BCI Law Enforcement to harass the website author. All of Welte's comments were false with intent to harass the author and defame his character.

Welte also makes legal threats for matters that even if he were half way accurate, he knows the Statute of Limitations has expired nearly one decade ago. Welte called a secret meeting in latter part of July 2009 when he learned from the Governor's Office and WDAZ News, that his affair he was having with his then Assistant, Nancy Yon, had been learned of and exposed. He also admitted in this secret meeting the child she had was his child.

Today Peter Welte, from his Vogel Law Office made wild and false allegations, with threats to harass and this was sent from

This was published nine years ago and today Peter Welte made threats. That seems odd since his lover, Nancy Yon, has decided to run for an office she is not fit to serve in. The photo is Welte, Yon, and their son Charlie. Welte admitted this to be his son in 2009, but suddenly changed his story.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nancy Yon Unfit to be Grand Forks County State's Attorney

Nancy Yon, Grand Forks ND, is unfit to be a State's Attorney. Her love affair with former Grand Forks County State's Attorney, Peter Welte, and the child they have together while married to other people, displays sexually dangerous and deviant behavior.

Yon should be disbarred.

Peter Welte, Nancy Yon, with their Son Charlie

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Vote NO - Jim Remer for Grand Forks County Sheriff

Jim Remer's Police Department in Grand Forks, ND, helped this Drug Dealer, Michaela Brown, get merely probation on a Walter White style product. She is Mayor Michael Brown's daughter and was busted a second time for drugs in California not long after. Jim Remer is corrupt and unfit for Sheriff.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Faith Burns Death

Faith Burns, Warehouse Apartments #511, Grand Forks, ND, died at the hands of a man living there. This man picked Faith up at home, drove her to buy heroin, overdosed her, ending her life, and has not been charged yet. This was four weeks ago and he has not been charged at all.

It is hard to imagine how someone can do this and not be in jail on the spot. This man drives a green Ford Ranger truck and has done this in the past. Police should have charged him immediately and have refused to release the address or anything about the matter, even though it is public information.

This happened at the Warehouse Apartments in Grand Forks, ND. The address is 901 University Avenue, Apartment 511, Grand Forks. Anyone with information about this incident should go to the contact section at Altru.CC to and write the Altru Official Site.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Altru - Vote NO - Jim Remer 4 Sheriff

Jim Remer wrote in a report Katie West was sick recently before her death, but a video one week before shows Katie to be enjoying life to the fullest. Remer is corrupt and wrote this with intent to make a murder sound like a medical assist. Jim Remer is dishonest and disgraced. There is no place in law enforcement for a person like Jim Remer. Read more on Altru.Net.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Welte Body Count?

Altru viewers are encouraged to check out the TV and Info sections using the navigation bar. These sections are also at Altru.TV and Altru.Info. The related and mysterious deaths in the Info section are fascinating in similarities to other scandals.

In the TV section it is undeniable that Cindy McMillan is severely mentally ill, even though she tends to deny this along with her ongoing drug use. In one psychic session Cindy even said she was frightened because people were eating her feet.

Decade of Altru

Altru celebrates a decade of being the first and original Altru in Grand Forks, ND, both formally and legally. Support from viewers has been tremendous and very much appreciated. In 2008 a vicious company with links to crime attempted to steal the Altru name and failed. Shortly after the attempted theft a copyright was filed and obtained with the Library of Congress.